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Court Reporting

Our certified and experienced court reporters can provide same day rough or certified transcripts, expedited delivery and live and remote realtime streaming.

Whether it is a deposition, hearing, trial or arbitration, we pair client needs with reporter expertise.  Our reporters show up prepared with case protocol and specifics.

We have earned a reputation of excellence in providing accurate, high quality transcripts and we are committed to providing outstanding client service and 100% satisfaction.​

Realtime Reporting

If realtime is requested, our qualified reporters will come prepared to support multiple connections through many different devices for your convenience.. We will set your attorneys up and provide training upon request at no additional charge. We will also provide a loaner laptop or I-pad to the taking attorney to utilize for their real-time deposition at no additional charge.

Live Litigation Streaming

  • We bring the deposition to you from anywhere, with anyone, at anytime.​
  • Video Conferencing tailored for the legal industry.

Live Litigation Video Conferencing - Redefining Legal Technology

■ Video Conferencing Tailored for the Legal Industry

  • One Way Video Streams - Study a witness without being seen
  • Two Way Video Streams - Be visible to the witness and other parties
  • Teleconferencing - No microphone necessary
  • Document Sharing - Instantly upload and download documents, videos, audio files and pictures to share with all involved parties
  • Group and Private Chat - Securely share private thoughts with your team or chat one-on-one with individuals no matter where they are located
  • 100% Web-based - Attend from any PC, Mac, iPad, Kindle Fire, or Android Enabled Smartphone/Tablet

Remote Realtime Transcript

  • Keyword Search and Highlights - Quickly find what you are looking for and mark it up for later without losing focus on the deposition
  • Universal Transcript Exporting - Instantly export deposition transcript, including highlights in PTF format to any realtime viewing software!

Easy ElectronicExhibits ™

■ No More Travel

Remotely upload, view, mark-up and export digital exhibit files without having to travel to a deposition

■ One Simple Platform

Review electronic exhibits, receive the court reporter's realtime text feed and watch live witness video all at the same time.

■ Multi-location Exhibit Sharing

Share files and electronic exhibits with onsite or remote deposition participants

■ Realtime Mark-up

Mark-up exhibits in realtime, no "pushing of files" or time delay

■ Flexible Paperless Technology

​No need to bring banker boxes full of mounds of paper to depositions.  Digitally upload files prior to a deposition, or upload "on-the-fly" as the deposition takes place.

Online 24/7 Repository

■ Anywhere, Anytime, Online Repository

All your transcripts, synchronized videos, linked exhibits and documents stored in a secure, online, always-available repository. And everything is accessible with your browser and an internet connection.

■ Powerful Search Tools

Search a terabyte of documents, exhibits, transcripts, and video depositions with powerful text search tools.

■ Secure

Your documents are uploaded, downloaded and viewed using secure, 128-bit encrypted web communications and hosted in our secure facility.

■ Delivery of Transcripts with Linked Exhibits

Hyperlinked Exhibits

Both the full and condensed transcripts include hyperlinks to embedded, PDF-formatted exhibit files.

Hyperlinked Word Index

Line reference for every occurrence of each word within the transcript.

Legal Videography

■ Video-to-Text Synchronization

We digitally synchronize video testimony to the written transcript for easy, side-by-side access to the video testimony.  Available software platforms include, but are not limited to, Sanction™, LiveNote™, Summation™, Visionary™, or TrialDirector™.

■ Video Editing

View, highlight, edit, download, and create deposition clips to share in high quality synchronized video.

■ CD or DVD Delivery

The Video Viewer is a complete attorney productivity tool designed to easily digest a video deposition and allows simple and fast access to video content.

With our Viewer you can:

  • Search the video CD or DVD by keyword
  • Create a video clip by highlighting the testimony
  • Create a still photo by clicking the “camera” button.
  • Instantly export clips and stills to other software for sharing, reviewing    and case preparation
  • Automatically create PowerPoint presentations with video and text           clips.
  • Easily email snapshots or compressed video clips.

■ Web Delivery

View, edit, and send synchronized video deposition clips for review from a web interface.  No more exchange of media, just a secure login for the entire team.  An easy to use interface for the review of video testimony allows search, highlight and playback in a collaborative environment.  Access video from any device, desktop, phone or tablet.

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